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Name : The adjustable resistor with switch

Electrical characteristics

Total value: 500 - 1M

The resistance tolerance: + 20%

Impedance type: A, B, C, D

Maximum working voltage: B linear: DC 50V other linear: AC 25V

Rated power: B: 0.2W: 0.1W linear linear

Noise: Less than 100mV

Insulation resistance: More than 100M at DC 250V

High voltage: 1 minute at AC 250 V

Residual resistance: Term.1~2: Less than 10 Term.2~3: Less than 20

Switch circuit: S.P.S.T

The switch contact impedance: Less than 50m

Switch rated power: 1.0A at AC/DC 12V

Mechanical properties

Total rotational angle: 300 ± 10 (degree)

Rotary torque: 20~200

Rotation stopper strength: Min

Push and pull strength: Push:8.0kgf Min

Switch rotation angle: 45 ± 5 (degree)

Switch power distance: 100~450


Rotational life: 10000 Cycles

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